Ieuan Lewis


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Cymraeg disgybl o Ysgol Amlwch sydd  ar y Wefan yma.
Yn anffodus Cymraeg disgybl oedd ddim yn canolbwyntio ar wrando yn y gwersi. 
Ymddiheuraf i Miss Rowlands (Welsh) am yr holl gangymeriadau a gwallau amlwg.
Fel yr oedd yr adroddiadau yn dweud yn gyson - "Angen canolbwyntio yn well a dangos fwy o ymdrech yn y dyfodol". Sori Miss Rowlands - rhai pethau byth yn newid.
Ymddiheuriadau hefyd am fethu a rhoi fy nghyfieithiad gwallus a bratiog ar y pennawdau sydd ynghlwm a ffurfiad y Wefan Saesneg crai.

The above is an apology to Miss Rowlands (the Welsh teacher at Amlwch's Sir Thomas Jones School) for the standard of my Welsh on this Website. Shame I failed to follow her advice - she did try her very best.
I hope you appreciate the bi-lingual format of the Website - it proved a challenge to a non-geek like me but I believe it was worth the effort.
My paintings are already to be seen in New Zealand, Australia, America, Florence etc.
With the universal advantages and opportunities afforded by the World Wide Web I  hope that more people of different cultures will be able to appreciate my paintings and see that Wales flourishes as a nation and that our Welsh Language still exists as a living language. 
N.B. 2 interesting facts for people from outside Wales:
It is local knowledge that Welsh people know everything about everybody living in Wales (sometimes even before it happens - that is why we were in trouble in school before we committed the deed). The following facts are therefore for people from outside Wales or indeed anyone who may have moved to Wales and are unaware of that "local knowledge". 
1. Connections with Eton School and hence links to the Prime Minister and his Cabinet Colleagues.
The Sir Thomas Jones School in Amlwch,on what I regard to be the paradise Isle of Anglesey is known by many of its ex-pupils as the "Eton of the North" due to the unbelievable similarity between those renowned schools.You will of course know that currently there is a trend for incumbent Prime Ministers and Cabinet Members to have attended Eton. I am hoping the old school tie network still prevails????
2. Connections with Royalty.
I am from Anglesey the home of amongst others - My ancestors, Viking Warriors (no relations to Anglesey Council Members I am told) ,Blue covered Druids who frightened the Romans, Kyffin Williams and the ancestors of the Tudor Royal family.
If I finish painting I intend to see if I am related to the current Royal Household (N.B. - the future King is currently living on the paradise Isle of Anglesey - possibly in a house which our joint ancestors may have owned). If the results of my genealogical research prove positive - a claim may be in the offing and if successful the value of my paintings would be astronomical.
                   Is this positive thinking or do you think there may possibly be too many - "ifs"???